Core Content
At PROFECTUS Schools, our curriculum – both academic and behavioral – ensures that our scholars build strong character, demonstrate critical thinking, and possess a core body of knowledge, all of which allows them to be on a predictive path to earn a degree from a four-year university. It is equally important that families know precisely what their sons or daughters are learning, in order to support their continued development and success inside and outside school.

PROFECTUS Academic Model
PROFECTUS will offer a single-gender K-12 academic program focused on ensuring that scholars demonstrate mastery of traditional core academic content—particularly in literacy and math. In these areas, PROFECTUS has sought to borrow heavily from the best practices of high‐performing charter networks such as Rocketship, Aspire Public Schools, KIPP, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools and Gestalt Community Schools. Through conversation and collaboration with leaders from these networks, the Founding Group has identified key practices to be implemented in its own model. A particular emphasis has been placed on developing strong programs in literacy and math with scholars in K­12 engaging in three hours of daily instruction in literacy and 90 minutes of daily instruction in math (comparable to what is found in the aforementioned charter networks). Additionally, PROFECTUS has sought to utilize many of the same literacy and math curricular resources as those used by these successful networks.

A SHARP School Culture
VAL & VASA scholars will learn to be active citizens as well as scholars. Teachers will treat scholars with compassion and fairness and help scholars to use the same behavior with their peers. PROFECTUS believes that a strong culture and a supportive, well-rounded learning environment will produce incredible results.

PROFECTUS realizes that in order to have these results, we must instill core values into our schools to create the culture we desire. We understand that premise and desire to integrate the following values in the daily actions of our schools to build a foundation for our scholars:

SHARP Core Values
With the goal of reframing the concept of being “on point” around several key characteristics, all PROFECTUS schools are built around five core values that represent the acronym SHARP. These values will be promoted across the school culture as “Be Sharp,” and is as follows:

  • Self-aware: Through reflection, we strive to know ourselves, our abilities and our goals
  • Humble: We don’t accomplish things for notoriety, attention or reward, but to better ourselves
  • Appreciative:  Be grateful and thankful for all things received and achieved
  • Respectful: We communicate and collaborate with others with humility, empathy and compassion
  • Persistent: When things get difficult, we work hard and persevere. We see error, failure, criticism, not as a permanent setback but rather as an opportunity to learn and grow.

This five-pillar value system will be a focal point throughout both VAL & VASA schools. They will be the framework of our school and staff culture, posted throughout each school and embodied in every classroom.