What is the vision of the Virtue Academy?
The Virtue Vision:  Every Virtue Scholar will be: Academically accomplished, live with integrity, professionally skilled, and socially distinguished.

What grades will be offered?
There will be three Virtue Academy Schools: elementary, middle and high schools.

What type of school is Virtue Academy?
Virtue Academy is designed to be a STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. All three Virtue Academies will be Duval County Charter Schools.  As a Charter School, it will operate on a performance contract, or “charter,” with the Duval County School Board and is freed from many of the regulations that govern traditional public schools, but is still held accountable for academic and financial results.

What is the school’s mission?
The mission of Virtue Academy is to educate and transform our scholars from Kindergarten to High School Graduation into Leaders and Contributors.

When will the school open?
We have made application to Duval County Public School for three Virtue Academies (elementary, middle and high school) and are awaiting approval.  Our plan is to open in accordance with the DCPS 2015 – 2016 academic calendar.

Will enrollment be restricted to only African American girls?
No. We will operate in accordance with Florida statutes with respect to non-discrimination.  However, as stated in our mission, we will focus on preparing urban female students for successful academic careers. 

Can boys enroll?
Yes. We will operate in accordance with Florida statutes with respect to non-discrimination.  However, as stated in our mission, our focus and purpose will be preparing urban female students for successful academic careers.

Will sports and extra-curricular activities be offered?
We will offer sports and extra-curricular activities based on the demand of the student population.

Will the schools follow the same calendar and hours as Duval County Public Schools?
The academic leadership is currently evaluating the best practices and available research with regard to innovations and sustained academic improvements by virtue of extended school days and a revised annual school calendar.

Will Lunch be provided?
Virtue Academies will participate in the National School Lunch Program. Applications for Free and Reduced Lunch will be made available to parents. Students not approved for Free and Reduced Lunch may also purchase lunch. Lunch cost will be given at the time of enrollment.

Where will the schools be located?
Current due diligence is focused in the Northwest Quadrant of Jacksonville to identify the optimal location for each school.  Please register at www.Virtueacademyjax.org as we confirm our location.

What is the dress code for the school?
All students must wear the designated school uniform.

Are there any fees associated with attending Virtue Arts and Science Academy?
Although we are a tuition free public charter school, there are fees associated with certain items: Lunch, Extra-curricular activities, fieldtrips and other minimal miscellaneous class fees.

How are students enrolled?
Student enrollment will be based on receipt of the application/enrollment information and meeting enrollment requirements. Enrollment requirements include but are not limited to: previous school records, Immunization & Physical forms and a signed Parent Contract.