Virtue Arts and Science Academy’s dress code guidelines indicate appropriate school dress for normal school days. VIRTUE ACADEMY reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the school year. Scholars are expected to follow these guidelines with support from their parents/guardians. Scholars shall wear the school uniform while in attendance daily. Scholars must wear uniforms which are correctly and appropriately sized for the student or they will be considered out of uniform. Scholars not wearing the proper uniform will be subject to disciplinary action. In addition, their parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing.

All school uniforms (tops, bottoms, winter wear, indoor jackets, PE clothing, etc.) must be purchased from the school approved uniform vendor(s).

 The approved student uniform consists of:

 A clean shirt,  vest and properly worn tie are to be worn by every scholar daily,  on “businessattire”/non-PE school days.

        Tops: The official Virtue blazer (high school only), button-up uniform shirts, the official uniform tie (Please Note: Vests can be worn in lieu of the blazer when the blazer is being dry cleaned or repaired.

All shirts must be neatly tucked into bottoms at all times.

Middle School scholars will be responsible for wearing the official vest on non-Physical Education class days. Previously enrolled Middle School students who have a blazer, may wear their blazer as long as it fits appropriately.

High School scholars are required to wear blazers DAILY on non-PE days.

**Incoming students for the 2016-2017 school year will NOT be allowed to wear their blazer until they have participated in the annual Trailblazer Ceremony at the end of the first 9-weeks in October. A shirt, vest and tie are required to be worn until the rite of passage has been experienced.

        Bottoms (Middle/High School Scholars): Khaki Skorts All bottoms must be worn at the waist (not below).

       Shoes (Middle/High): Official Virtue brown shoes and socks (Athletic shoes are not allowed with blazer/shirt & tie attire, except for PE class)

Based on inventory, parents will be guided to purchase the appropriate tops and bottoms from approved local stores when necessary.

        Cold Weather Days: Official uniform solid color jacket embroidered with school logo must be worn in class and school hallways. Approved official scarves and headgear must accompany cold weather attire and should not be worn inside the school hallways/classrooms.

o Pants: Pants may only be worn during approved winter gear months. Administration will announce the commencement and end dates for winter gear. Scholars wearing pants outside of the approved timeframe will be issued uniform infractions and may be subject to disciplinary action.

       PE Days: Official PE uniform shirt and shorts or sweat pants purchased from the approved uniform vendor

Scholars should have enough uniform tops and bottoms that laundry issues should not interfere with their adherence to the uniform policy. SCHOLARS MAY BE SENT HOME OR DETAINED IN INDOOR SUSPENSION if they are not dressed appropriately. Uniforms must be worn the first day of school and throughout the school year until the last day of the school year in June.

In addition to other consequences, parents will be called to pick-up scholars who are not in compliance with the uniform policy and who are observed with any of the following which administration deems inappropriate:

       Low waist or over-sized/baggie or tight fitting pants/skorts

       Garments that are not a part of the APPROVED Uniform Policy

       Shoes that are not brown (dress shoes or athletic soles)

       Bandanas, hats and sunglasses

       Brightly colored/dyed hair or hair worn in fashion to obstruct vision or create a distraction to themselves or others

       Tattoos, body paints and visible body piercing

       Jewelry worn outside clothing   Note: Virtue is not responsible for any jewelry lost at school.

***Click here for the Uniform Purchasing Instructions and Key DATES and DEADLINES